Oleh: hendryfikri | November 3, 2009

A Muslim Husband


A muslim husband

A muslim husband
Is like a prince

Who holds a crown
No one can see

He is the moon
Living among the stars

The whole world shines
When he is around

The light who guides people
Whenever they need help

He will stop anyone
From doing anything wrong

To his wife,
He is the key to jannah

Honest, trustworthy and truthful
He will always be with his imaan

When he speaks,
Its like rain

That comes from the sky
To make peace on earth

To him, wife
Is more precious than anyone

Never would he let
A small harm on her

His love for her
Is no compare to anything

He is the slave of allah
Who allah swt loves so much

Among the ones
Close to allah

He is allah’s friend
With the face of nur

A true man
Who gives his word

And never breaks it
Not even till his death

He is the one
Who keeps his wife safe

He holds the true love
That brings happiness

From infinite always
And completely beyond………

kiriman teman seperjuangan… 🙂



  1. Nice poem, Man!

  2. thanks…

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